Meet our People

HaiLing Li, Asia Coordinator, Nadcap, PRI

Prior to working at PRI, I had several different jobs, including being a teacher. I learned English in college. In my role at PRI, every day is different because I never know what questions our customers will have. I spend most of my time supporting our customers and contractors. I reply to their emails, take their phone calls, and work hard to resolve their inquiries. As some Chinese technicians are not proficient in English, I also help them to ask their technical questions to our Staff Engineers. I am in regular contact with our technical staff, particularly in Europe because of the slight time zone overlap. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to meet some of them at the Nadcap technical symposium in Shanghai in 2016, 2017 and 2019 respectively.

One of the things I like most about working at PRI is that I have a sense of being needed. Our customers appreciate my help. After I resolve their inquiries, I can feel that they are relieved. Nadcap audits are not easy, and the language difference is an added challenge. Having support from a local staff makes a big difference. Contractors often express their gratitude to me after I help them, for example, with questions about their visas, or contact with the customers.

PRI is an increasingly global company, and it is exciting to be part of a company that is growing, and making a difference. There are many companies in the world, large and small and in some cases, I feel that their purpose is quite insignificant. But PRI helps to make people safer through the Nadcap® program. It makes me feel good to work for such a company.

In addition, I like the culture at PRI; it’s open and friendly, and, perhaps because we are working towards something as important as safety and quality in critical industries, I find that my colleagues have a high sense of responsibility and cooperation.

Thinking of the future, I believe that PRI will continue to support the aerospace industry and further develop our ability to support other critical industries as well. I look forward to doing the best I can to support our customers in Asia, whatever industry they serve.