Challenges& Solutions

Accelerating Sustainable Mobility

The heat is on. The mobility industry is moving toward a net zero emissions future – fast. The good news: The world’s best minds are converging on sustainability-focused answers. We now need a smooth and sturdy on-ramp to scale solutions. Whether we’re addressing battery use and charging issues for the road or setting standards for electric aircraft and sustainable fuels, the time is now to evaluate each and every mobility process through the sustainability lens.

Fullsight is serving as the catalyst for this fundamental paradigm shift – today and tomorrow.

The Challenge

Sustainability challenges for the Industry

The mobility sector is staring down a formidable list of challenges in its shift to carbon-neutral operations.

For one thing, we’re on a tight timeline. The UN Sustainable Development Goals have a 2030 target date in mind. While mobility professionals have been working on sustainability solutions for years now, we need to pick up the pace.

Because sustainability is an umbrella term which implies transformations of every kind, it can be challenging to scrub each and every single operation clean. It can be dizzying to know where to even start. How do we even get there? Industry and government organizations are going to need all the help they can find.

Sustainability is a new vision for a better world. It’s not simply about adding to an already mile-long sequence of steps. It’s about a fundamental reboot in how the mobility industry approaches operations. Sustainability requires a top-down reconfiguration – from fresh approaches to end-of-life for vehicles to reuse of raw materials, and integrating data into processes to make mobility more efficient. Entire ecosystems will need reimagining to pave the way for sustainability.

New engineering practices, alternative energy and sustainable fuels all necessitate knowledge for successful operationalization. Trained workforce talent is another significant challenge the mobility industry will have to address.

But we can forge full speed ahead.

The Fullsight Solution

Through our foundational pillars, Fullsight delivers practical solutions to every sustainability challenge – and then some.

We see the forest and the trees. Our rich body of work in developing standards and audits, certifications and accreditation programs, has given us the experience to understand what’s needed to scale solutions — quickly and with industry-wide support.

Our early initiatives have already seeded the growth of a long list of sustainability-related working groups. We are working at the highest-level with governments worldwide on battery traceability and charging infrastructure.

Our solutions involve recognizing the potential in every idea, spotting those that show promise, and using our currency of trust to develop a range of supporting products – standards, reports, accreditation and workforce certification programs – to create a unified platform for growth.

Data will be a key focus. We will use our neutral voice and convening power to facilitate data exchange and act as a clearinghouse for information on sustainability processes. Recognizing that the field involves many overlapping forces beyond manufacturing – from mining to supply chain management to workforce training – Fullsight will be a hub for mobility data with baked-in feedback loops as the industry continues its march toward sustainability.

Fullsight’s solutions are all-encompassing, addressing every aspect of sustainability mobility solutions. Our impartial and comprehensive approach to laying the foundation for best practices will continue. Using our foundational tools, we will catalyze positive change and help build a better future.

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